DMF Rapid Auto Roll Door
RL3000B Drawing Diagram

RL3000B Auto Roll Door Diagram

  • For Intense Traffic Flow

  • Safe & Reliable Operation (CE-MARKED)

  • Energy Saving

  • Improved Working Environment

  • Extensive Service Network

Technical Facts:- RL3000B

Features (* Other sizes may available on request)

  • Max Size: (W x H)*

  • Fabric Thickness:

  • Fabric Type/Panel:

  • Aluminium Wind Rail:

  • Colour:

  • Side Column Material:

  • Roller Tube:

  • Bottom Bar:

  • Windows:

  • Control/Operation:

  • 6000 mm x 6000mm

  • 2 mm thick

  • Duracover panel with full width clear section

  • 2 nos.

  • Blue, Orange, Red or Grey

  • Standard columns with full brush sealing

  • Fluted, with heavy brackets

  • Composite Aluminium / Flexible

  • Optional: window / clear section

  • Interlocking / Integration with equipment / Security access


  • Operating Speed:


  • Wind Load Resistance, EN12424

  • Lifetime Expectations:

  • Power Supply Requires:

  • Motor Size:

  • Auto Close with variable hold open timer:

  • In-line Safety PE Sensor:

  • Opening: 1.0m/s

  • Closing: 0.6 m/s

  • 450N/m²


  • 4,000,000 cycles

  • 415V 3 Phase 15A.

  • 0.37kW – 0.75kW 2 speed

  • Yes


  • Yes

DMF Rapid Auto Roll Door
High speed door
High speed door
High speed door
High speed door
DMF Rapid Auto Roll Door

Rapid auto roll doors, also known as high speed roll doors are a type of doors commonly used in a variety of industrial workspaces, where rapid opening and closing of tall barriers are required, seeing use in industries such as electronics, precision machinery, logistics, food, auto repairs, just to name a few.

DMF rapid auto roll doors feature inherent thermal insulation, anti-dust, anti-wind and anti-odour nature, which can be customized based on requirements of specific industries and workplaces. They are indispensable in helping to save energy and improve workflow through providing better environment for various operations.

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